Obsessed with Obsessions!!!

July 27, 2011

Those who know me well will tell you the whole story of my obsession for obsessions. Whether it's about a person, a character, a book, an accessory, the weather or a new idea!!!

I still haven't figured out the real cause of this phenomena but as long as it keeps me in high spirits, who cares!!! It's really strange how something can be so powerful to occupy your senses completely and then leave you as if it doesn't exist. This momentary magic is hard to explain.

This week it's the famous tennis player Nadal. Last week it was Dalai Lama and Tibet. Before it was Michael Jackson's "you are not alone" and way before Manchester United and Ronaldo. And how can I forget my all time obsession for food ;)

I wonder why I only talk, eat, drink, sleep and dream about these obsessions. I remember this year during my exams it was Che Guevara and other leftist ideology. God bless my result because instead of mugging up literature, I was busy thinking about adventures and god bless my friends, who had to bear my Osho, Nirvana, Lama, Emo and The monk who sold his Ferrari phase. The discussions lasted for a week or two, which eventually didn't lead us anywhere....

I remember how we used to discuss the important topics like why can't they ban smoking or drugs for that matter, when they know its harmful. My obsession for color black and that black coffee without sugar and when I called all my friends to search a guitar locket anywhere they can ...just because I want it!!! 

Its strange but fun.... And lately it's about these bizarre ideas to change the world. As they say, "People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do." No matter how unrealistic my ideas are to actually materialize but it feels great to remain addicted to my obsessions !!!

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