What Women Want?

June 25, 2010

The day Sigmund Freud wrote "Even after my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer : WHAT DOES A WOMAN WANT?" This question automatically became a million dollar one since then. I mean, if a man like Freud, who claimed to understand almost every aspect of human mind, could not answer this one, well then there is definitely much more to women than meets the eye.

Though, its kind of strange but I sort of enjoy when a guy says, "I can never understand you" and if he is sick of trying, he calls us complicated and makes this strange conclusion that even women does not know what they want. 

So, what is it about women that is so strange? A lot has been said on this subject, yet the conclusion is - even the creator is oblivious of what goes through a woman's mind, which makes it obvious that god (if really exists) is a male! 

First of all, I am sure that men didn't try very hard (at least Freud didn't), because women aren't all that difficult to figure out. And of course, any woman is not every women and we have different desires. This simple question can't cover the splendid 'variousness' of women. But to a certain extent, we all share a common expectation when our lives are linked to men. 

For a man to feel loved, he needs to make love. For a woman to make love she needs to feel loved. If you take time to read all the popular work written by  women authors, you will find what women want is the courage in her man to treat her like a "woman"!!!

Don't bother to waste whole day in getting those six pack abs as we will cheerfully settle for less muscle and better brain. So, I guess you have wasted too many years to get a simple fact that you don't need to understand a woman to accept her, just let her BE and BE YOURSELF. And if you are still confused on what women want? Just love her with all your heart and you will realize What Women Want is "YOU".

P.S. - If you watch how I met your mother and love Barney: please, please, please don't go for The Bro Code Tips for Men as it will take you to the top charts of woman's hate list.

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