When we hurt those we love!!!

September 24, 2009

Bill Vaughn once said, "A child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as he does out of finding a small green worm".

The statement itself is filled with innocence and purity. They say, "Child is the father of the man and the future of tomorrow". But with the growing exploitation and the way we are depriving him of his basic rights, the future seems dark and grim. Warmth happens to be a basic necessity, but it seems difficult to differentiate between love and lust. 

On one hand where a touch makes us feel loved and cared, it can also give us a feeling of rebelliousness and hurt. Depends ...when, where, from whom, and how we are touched. For a child it is not only difficult to say if the touch is safe or unsafe but they are too alone to complain about it. And those who can differentiate are too afraid to protest.
This young girl kept from sight
crying into the middle of the night
she fears that others will sense the shame
but was this girl really to blame?

This little girl who was full of belief
could not from him seem to find relief
she feels so dirty with her clothes which are tore
when she is being flung on the bedroom floor

this broken child lost her innocence at a very young age
through a trusted man's deliberate drunken rage
her little broken heart was full of pain
through the rest of her life it would stain

people would see the bruises that lay upon her face
she wanted and longed for her special place
while he was looking around
this little girl couldn't make a sound
she couldn't have her own bed

he would be there touching her instead
taking her clothes off he would touch
this haunted her little heart so much
she just wanted him to understand

but instead she got the back of his hand
night after night she endured this pain
never to be happy ever again!!!

In the recent survey it is stated that around 53% children in India are the victim of child abuse. Unsafe touching starts from the very first age and unluckily most abusers are known to the victims. As I write this, one little girl might be crying out in pain, one little boy is begging not to be touched anymore. 

Many children live through everyday being abused sexually, physically, and emotionally. “More than two million cases of neglect and physical abuse are reported annually. The only way to prevent child abuse is to spread awareness. Many NGOs are working towards this cause and I hope with help of sex education in schools children will be able to differentiate and understand if they are being loved or betrayed!!!

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Longer Than 55 Fiction!!!

September 19, 2009

It is a story of a young guy who always used to wish he was a fly, so he could buzz around and go in people's houses and listen to what they are saying. He always used to pray, " I wish I could be a fly and listen to people talking", and then he would spend hours thinking, what it would be like to be a fly.

One night he had a dream that he was a fly and buzzing around he came upon this house that belonged to his beautiful teenage crush. A girl, he always wanted to be with. He thought to himself, "I should go into that girl's house first and listen to her conversations," but neither the door nor the windows were open. Then he thought, " May be I will just ring the bell and when she will open the door, I will buzz into her house and land on the wall to listen to all her conversations", but to his dismay, flies are not strong enough to ring the bell.

He decided to wait until she opens the door or the window herself. Then finally the door opened, and he buzzed in real quick and landed on the wall admiring the girl and her beauty. After sometime the phone rang and the girl picked it up and started a conversation. He flew and sat on a table, which smelled pretty good to him. He was so excited that he could finally sit so close to her and hear her talk. But when the girl started the conversation, he could not understand a word. 

The guy got so pissed and said, "This really sucks!!! I do not want to be a fly anymore and I am getting out of here", but when he went to buzz off, he could not move. "Argh! I can not move, it feels like my feet is glued. Can you give me a hand", he said to the other fly.

"I can not move either, my feet are also stuck" said the other fly. He looked around and said to himself, " I wish, I had never wished that I was a fly, I want to be a human again". He was so scared that finally he woke up and it took him a minute to realize that he is still a human. He went to his balcony and saw his crush standing there, smiling :) and he realized how lucky he is to get his identity back and decided to try his best to get the girl !!!

P.S. - In the recent best seller " The secret" it is stated that, 'we do not always want what we ask for all our lives' and with this short story, I just wanted to convey that it's a great feeling to be yourself as grass is not always greener on the other side and we can achieve a lot with the way we are even if we lack certain qualities, also we can not realize how lucky we are until we experience the problems that others face :) ... Hope you enjoyed :)

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8 Marvels - About Me

September 02, 2009

I was tagged by Bharathi in August...Completing it now :).. Hope you enjoy !!!!


  • Under the tree.
  • On the couch.
  • Free treat any day wateva the venue :P.
  • Pizza Hut.... I love Italian!!!
  • Love street food.
  • Malls n Food Joints.
  • Old Coffee Shop
  • Gilmore Girls 
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • How I Met Your Mother : Click here to know more.
  • Seinfeld.
  • Yo Mama on Vh1.
  • Gossip Girl
  •  Bournvita Quiz Contest 
  • Tech Shows
  • A Time Machine.
  • Formula of Invisibility.
  • A machine that can cure all the diseases in just few minutes.
  • A gadget that can read other's thoughts and mind.
  • A vacuum cleaner that can clean all the roads
  • A real Nimbus 2000 (All Harry Potter fans will understand this).
  • A medicine that can give wings and the ability to fly like birds.
  • I have this list called THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE. I am looking forward to fulfill that list.
  • Peace and happiness
  • Mommy's birthday is on Sept 13th ... I have few plans for her ... Waiting for the day 
  • Looking forward to see some snowfall in Delhi some day 
  • Want to visit all the seven continents... Hopefully!!! Looking forward to the dream :).
  • I have always wanted to live like a Gypsy for at least one year... Looking forward to that one year.
  • I have always wanted to float like Uncle Scrooge in money... Looking forward for that one day 
  • The Coziness, The Feel, The Weather, The Smell, My Favorite Black Jacket, Lots of Tea n Lots of Coffee, Food, Warmth, Holding Hands ... The magic of winter just drives me crazy ... I want winters for all 12 months, Everyday, Every hour, Every Moment.... Foreverrrrrr...
  • Wateva n lol : Though...I try my level best to avoid these words.
  • Hell Man or Like Hell !!!
  • Fish : It's a substitute for the fuck word.
  • Samurai Revenge !!! : It means similar kinda funny revenge in a funny manner.
  • Who Cares : I use these words when I really care :P.
  • So Vella :P.
  • Holly shit!!!
  • Ya ya I know all that jazz : Learned this from a friend ... Using it a lot these days.
I guess everyone I know is done with the Tag already, so I can not tag anyone. But if you have not finished it yet and if you like it you can always take it :)...

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