Late Night Thinking !!!

October 17, 2010

Ever wondered why all creative activity finds its potential in silence?What is thinking? Is it giving time to your mind to express itself, or just a process to browse your mind, or the instinct(popularly known as The Voice of Heart)?

I probably spend far too much time thinking about life. So many nights I have spent thinking - Thinking about various things, feeling sleepy but do not want to sleep- Just staring at my ceiling- thinking of doing something- something other than nothing- about the figures and colors I want to paint those empty canvases with, thoughts of packing my bags and running away towards the mountains, about the musical instruments I would love to learn, lost friends I would want to meet again, or just a weird imagination that if I try to spread my hands would I be able to fly like birds? About many unfulfilled dreams that are the basic cause of thoughts or may be about that charming guy I have always wanted to be with, in the sunset, holding hands!!!

And then spending whole day in making various schemes on how to turn these thoughts into reality. Have you ever had your most constructive thought at night, of how wonderful life could be? There is a strange kind of reality in these thoughts it seems, that give our lives a strange excitement. Remember Santiago, that famous character of the book 'The Alchemist' who believed in his dream so much that he traveled all the way to Egyptian Pyramids in order to chase his dream? It creates a great feeling of passion to turn these dreams into reality.

I am sure, to some extent , these late night thoughts are the basic and the most important reason for the kind of life we lead and are the first step towards achievement, as each thought is a creator of new experience and when we put all our effort to turn these imaginary experiences into reality, life becomes a wonderful journey, I believe. It is an addiction to be lost in the dreams!!!

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What Women Want?

June 25, 2010

The day Sigmund Freud wrote "Even after my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer : WHAT DOES A WOMAN WANT?" This question automatically became a million dollar one since then. I mean, if a man like Freud, who claimed to understand almost every aspect of human mind, could not answer this one, well then there is definitely much more to women than meets the eye.

Though, its kind of strange but I sort of enjoy when a guy says, "I can never understand you" and if he is sick of trying, he calls us complicated and makes this strange conclusion that even women does not know what they want. 

So, what is it about women that is so strange? A lot has been said on this subject, yet the conclusion is - even the creator is oblivious of what goes through a woman's mind, which makes it obvious that god (if really exists) is a male! 

First of all, I am sure that men didn't try very hard (at least Freud didn't), because women aren't all that difficult to figure out. And of course, any woman is not every women and we have different desires. This simple question can't cover the splendid 'variousness' of women. But to a certain extent, we all share a common expectation when our lives are linked to men. 

For a man to feel loved, he needs to make love. For a woman to make love she needs to feel loved. If you take time to read all the popular work written by  women authors, you will find what women want is the courage in her man to treat her like a "woman"!!!

Don't bother to waste whole day in getting those six pack abs as we will cheerfully settle for less muscle and better brain. So, I guess you have wasted too many years to get a simple fact that you don't need to understand a woman to accept her, just let her BE and BE YOURSELF. And if you are still confused on what women want? Just love her with all your heart and you will realize What Women Want is "YOU".

P.S. - If you watch how I met your mother and love Barney: please, please, please don't go for The Bro Code Tips for Men as it will take you to the top charts of woman's hate list.

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Overcoming Failure

May 12, 2010

You got fired, passed over a business promotion, did not get the job even after hundred interviews, your book got filthy reviews, you practiced and practiced for the game and then lost.

Failure feels rotten-Most private of all emotions, the one that may shake your self-esteem to the core!

Gone are the days of lifetime job security, when you worked for an organization and retired several decades later with a gold watch as a farewell present. Many people have experienced or are likely to experience job loss. 

If there could be a current defining image, it would be of a loaded corporate gun, which can go up anytime and anyone can be the target. So, should we just go for a job that provides long term security but makes us forget the dreams we have seen to get where we see ourselves happy? Not really!

Failure is trying to do things most people did not even consider or were too scared to take the risk. Thomas Edison failed thousand times before bringing light to his bulb but even after 10, 000 unsuccessful attempts he said, "I have not failed. I have just found 10, 000 ways that won't work."

A temporary byproduct of creativity, failure comes to those who have the courage to risk, and of course, success is achieved by those willing to take risks. Our first reaction to failure is to blame anyone/anything but self but we often forget that no achiever has achieved without failure. 

As infants, learning to walk, we would just get up after each fall because we were aware that success is destination and failure is the way to get there.

When asked about the formula of success, Thomas J. Watson, the founder of IBM said, "Its quite simple, really. Just double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. 
But it is not at all... you can be discouraged by failure -- or you can learn from it. So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because, remember that is where you'll find success." So what is better to do, to try and fail or not to try at all?

Well, there are three kinds of people in the world, those who believe and make things happen, those who watch it happen and those who ask what happened? and its up to us to choose the category we would like to fit in. After all we have got just one life to live!

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Emotions I did Not Know I Had

March 19, 2010

Ever since I put my feet into a pair of high heels and stepped on to the age of adulthood, my life took on a fresh course. As life began to take shape, I hopped into it and charged to the forefront filling my moments, days, weeks, months and years with all the things I have always wanted to do. 

In a strange sense it was arduous, being a woman in stilettos with a coffee mug in one hand, computer screen in the front and a book on the table. Though, I liked every single moment of it but in a manner every bit of my life was accounted for, hardly allowing me to be spontaneous!

And then unexpectedly for the past few weeks I am letting things go! Things.. that were very important to me once; things that matter in a true sense. Because for a while I wanted to just be, a free bird that did what she wanted to do exactly when she wanted to do it. 

In these few days I also realised that it gives you an immense kind of pleasure in not doing things that you were expected to do. In a sense, I was breaking the walls and the compartments I built in my head over the past few months. And what a feeling it is..beyond description in a lot of ways... almost an out of body experience, where you have left your physical self behind and floating free above everything that binds you! 

The past few months have been such a hurricane for me and I was so blissful to get what I wanted to achieve.. that I did not really stop to speculate or even breathe! But these few days have taught me to be me, just be... and I was swiftly reminded of so many precious moments, of so many people that are important aspects of my life and of course the kind of life I want to lead now. 

These few days jogged my memory in a way that I remembered so many things that I had pushed into the recesses of my memory. It had been a long week.. I was exhausted and rejuvenated as well and the best thing I have learnt from all of this is that it’s fine, once in a while, to give in to yourself, just to have those moments of true freedom, away from your responsibilities and the expectations of others!

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