Longer Than 55 Fiction!!!

September 19, 2009

It is a story of a young guy who always used to wish he was a fly, so he could buzz around and go in people's houses and listen to what they are saying. He always used to pray, " I wish I could be a fly and listen to people talking", and then he would spend hours thinking, what it would be like to be a fly.

One night he had a dream that he was a fly and buzzing around he came upon this house that belonged to his beautiful teenage crush. A girl, he always wanted to be with. He thought to himself, "I should go into that girl's house first and listen to her conversations," but neither the door nor the windows were open. Then he thought, " May be I will just ring the bell and when she will open the door, I will buzz into her house and land on the wall to listen to all her conversations", but to his dismay, flies are not strong enough to ring the bell.

He decided to wait until she opens the door or the window herself. Then finally the door opened, and he buzzed in real quick and landed on the wall admiring the girl and her beauty. After sometime the phone rang and the girl picked it up and started a conversation. He flew and sat on a table, which smelled pretty good to him. He was so excited that he could finally sit so close to her and hear her talk. But when the girl started the conversation, he could not understand a word. 

The guy got so pissed and said, "This really sucks!!! I do not want to be a fly anymore and I am getting out of here", but when he went to buzz off, he could not move. "Argh! I can not move, it feels like my feet is glued. Can you give me a hand", he said to the other fly.

"I can not move either, my feet are also stuck" said the other fly. He looked around and said to himself, " I wish, I had never wished that I was a fly, I want to be a human again". He was so scared that finally he woke up and it took him a minute to realize that he is still a human. He went to his balcony and saw his crush standing there, smiling :) and he realized how lucky he is to get his identity back and decided to try his best to get the girl !!!

P.S. - In the recent best seller " The secret" it is stated that, 'we do not always want what we ask for all our lives' and with this short story, I just wanted to convey that it's a great feeling to be yourself as grass is not always greener on the other side and we can achieve a lot with the way we are even if we lack certain qualities, also we can not realize how lucky we are until we experience the problems that others face :) ... Hope you enjoyed :)

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