Miracles Happen, Just Believe!!!

August 07, 2009

Though, I do not intend to write about miracles here, but this is what happens when you wake up at 2 A.M. with so much in your heart and with the most beautiful dream you have ever seen. They say, " Miraculous moments of life can be found in the simplest way, in the chirping of the birds, innocent smile of a new born or a rainbow".

'The sky knows when its time to snow
You don't need to teach a seed to grow
It's just another ordinary miracle today...'

When I first heard this song by Sarah Mclachlan... I just smiled... and that is when I realised what Einstein meant when he wrote " There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle" or what Paulo Coelho wanted to convey through Santiago in The Alchemist or the meaning of the famous Chinese saying "Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it".

Have you ever used the phrase- It was destined to me or accidentally discovered something fortunate while looking for something else or just decided to let go of the most precious thing to test your destiny.Isn't it strange when you have prayed for a specific purpose and the prayer is answered, when there's no earthly reason something wonderful has happened, or when all hopes are gone and an opportunity arrives out of nowhere and leave you amazed.

 Miracles happen to everyone everyday, however most people do not see miracles because they are simply not looking for them. In fact, I guess to live at all is a miracle enough. It might sound like a Fairy Tale or may be a few words from some school kid, but miracles do happen to those who believe in them. Moments and miracles are everywhere, just look around and do not just believe in miracles - depend on them.

Isn't it remarkable?
Like every time a raindrop falls

It's just another ordinary miracle today

Birds in winter have their fling

And always make it home by springIt's just another ordinary miracle todayWhen you wake up everydayPlease don't throw your dreams awayHold them close to your heart
we are all a part of
The Ordinary Miracle...

And with the music of these beautiful lines by Sarah Mclachlan, I think I want to sleep a little more as it's just 2:30 A.M. and I wish to see the same dream and who knows it might just come true and turns into another ordinary miracle :)

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