I Have Learned From Life !!!

August 18, 2009

It's a weird weird life. when you expect so much, it gives you a little and when you sit down with zero hope, it provides more than you have wished for. Though I am just 21 yrs and not old enough to explain what to expect from this unexpected life. But there are few things I have learned that I would love to share

  • Lord Buddha said, 'We achieve peace through meditation' yet I have learned, the most beautiful and peace giving thing in the world is to watch a little child asleep.
  • Share everything you want to in life with friends and with people you care for but never trust someone who says, 'trust me I can keep this secret.'
  • No matter how rich we become, we can never buy what really matters in life.
  • Sometimes crying is best response.
  • There will always be someone in your life who annoys you no matter where you are and you will love it eventually and miss them when they are not there.
  • Usually, it's better to shut up but sometimes it's necessary to argue.
  • Believe me on this one - it's not worth a calorie until n unless it is a CHOCOLATe :).
  • Though many people believe that you are what you wear or what your shoes tells about you but I have learned- Do not judge a book by its cover. 
  • Well, I am always in trouble because of honesty but I still believe honesty can solve any problem.
  • May be we should never let go of our deepest desire. But I have learned- letting go is the only way to keep something or someone in life.
  • It's good to be yourself and maintain your dignity. But I have learned - The word 'WE' always sounds better than the word 'I'.
  • We will always come across many intolerable people but there's still a difference between being angry and being cruel.
  • One thing I wish I have learned when I was 8 yrs is that - I wish I could have told my dad that I love him more time, before he passed away.
Two things I have learned in my TEENS :
  • Never be close friends with your best friend's boyfriend. Her boyfriend might start liking you and that can create problems in relationships (examples better hidden :P).
  • And finally - I am sure you all will agree on this one - Just do not expect your money back if you have lend it to a close friend... Friends will be friends :) 

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