Victim of your own thoughts !!!

August 30, 2009

Friends call him a live cricket encyclopedia. And why not, Shimu is a die hard cricket fan. Today is the day he was waiting for a long time. India v/s Australia final. After witnessing India’s bowling performance in the first half, Shimu was quite sure India will be lifting up the cup.

While watching the Indian batting in the middle overs, he left his seat to grab a cuppa of coffee. When he returned back, to his dismay, he noticed India lost a key wicket. “Look at those crazy fellows, one good chance they have got to beat Aussies and they are fucking it up.” He said angrily to himself. This sequence continued a couple of times. 

Every time he left his seat, India lost a wicket. He got desperate and fear of losing started grappling his mind. He decided not to leave his seat until the match gets over. With more ups and downs, however without losing any wicket, India won the game. Shimu was probably the happiest man in the world; however, he became a victim of one of the most incomprehensible phenomenon of the world. 

Any idea what am I talking about here? Well this phenomenon is called Superstition, which has gripped millions of people around the world centuries after centuries and has forced them to believe in something which can never be explained using normal equations of cause and effect.

Most superstitions are usually harmless. Wearing your lucky shirt, lucky tie on the day of your interview and writing an exam with a lucky pen. So, what exactly is the problem with being superstitious? Superstition is so powerful that it leads you to attribute your successes to something outside yourself. This essentially means that you are held back from unleashing your own inner strengths and abilities. Loss of confidence. 

First problem!!! Even if something negative happens one is not going to attribute the failure of the outcome to the superstition. The person will start blaming other factors and not the superstition. One never kills his superstition and because of this, the pile of superstition keeps on increasing and then we graciously pass the baggage to our children who follow these superstitions blindly. Second problem!!!

Well, these little rituals of magic are so much part of our culture that we do not question, forget questioning, we don't even notice. Don’t let superstition rule your mind and wreck your life. Instead, try hard to overcome your fears by increasing your confidence, inspiring authority in your decisions and trust in your actions. You will then realize and enjoy the person who is truly you and not someone like Shimu.

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