Should Times of India's Reviews be Trusted???

July 04, 2009

I was one of those who loved to watch every movie and impatiently wait for a new release, but after my experience of so many poor scripted movies,  I have decided not to watch first day first show of any Bollywood attempt.

 I wonder how almost every movie in our country is rated 'average' even if it deserves a poor rating. Day before yesterday, even after my friend's not so good review on the movie NEW YORK, I decided to go for it just because Times of India (claimed to be a no. 1 newspaper in India) rated New York as an outstanding attempt by Mr. Kabir Khan.

 While watching the movie, it seemed, what he wanted to show- is how the 9/11 incident affected brown skinned men in New York, but with no depth on a serious topic like this. The only affecting scene in the movie is when Samir(John) is detained and tortured for nine months without a shred evidence.

Otherwise, the screenplay is fluffy. There's also a remarkable lack of tension even when people are being shot and bombs are being placed. Neil's expressionless acting is of no use and John and Kat are just their usual self. 

Irfan is the only character one may watch, even though he failed to prove any worth of his so serious plan. The end which should have ideally given you bumps for a topic like this only leaves you itching to get out of the theature. 

Saddled with a plot- holed script and poor performances from half of its star cast. It is a long and tiresome movie, but a five starred rating by TOI's critics shows they don't really bother to watch the whole movie before giving a review, as this is not the first time they have rated a non - deserving attempt as an outstanding one. 

Now may be we should think twice before reading these reviews movies are rated on I DO NOT KNOW WHAT BASIS???

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3 Comments: to “ Should Times of India's Reviews be Trusted???

  • Srivatsan
    July 7, 2009 at 7:48 AM  

    If people watch films based on the reviews,then they lose their individual freedom of taste,opinions,etc!A film can be entertaining to one,while it may be boring for some other! If a film entertains a whole audience,then it means:
    1.The whole audience think alike or feel alike,which is a shame to individuality...yet human beings want to be identified in a group,so they turn down a movie even if they feel its good,when his/her group doesnt like it.
    2.The film has scenes that cater entertainment to every section of audience there!

    And I dont know how reviewers say that dont go to 'so and so' films.Do they think that the whole India should think and watch and expect a film like they do??so sad!Many a movies have flopped mainly due to reviews,that too a single man/woman's opinion of movie based on his/her taste! :(( if we watch a movie voted negative by reviewers and enjoy it,does that mean we have low taste or art sense??
    As per my view,if you want to see a movie,see it.Dont care about reviews.If someone disrespects your taste,dont give a damn to them.Of course,it is your life and never force yourself to watch a movie that doesnt feel good to you,even if it is a masterpiece film(as said by others).

    July 7, 2009 at 9:47 AM  

    cudn't agree more
    from now onwards I will go n watch ne movie only if I want to n not coz of ratinga
    thanks :)

  • Pawan Singh
    August 2, 2009 at 11:46 AM  

    It's really true !!!
    I think many of the reviewers are paid for the reviews, I became astonished when one of famous Indian movie critic Rajeev Masand gave three stars to Rani Mukherjee's "Thoda Jaadu Thoda Magic"
    I wasted 200 bucks on it and the moment I came out of theatre I just wanna curse Masand. Similarly Taran Aadarsh also famous reviewer gave 4 stars to Krrish and Dhoom 2...both of them were really piece of craps...Now I never listento them , watch it if I feel I should and this is what all of us should do

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