A New Life!!!

July 07, 2009

How many times have you experienced a moment when there's no hope and you got the solution??? 

When you are all alone, upset, and a kid arrives, smiling at you??? My mornings are usually pleasant, but today it was dull - I felt something strange, a thing called intuition (I dunno if you believe in it). 

I was aware of the fact that something is gonna happen. I got a call that my cab guy is ill and won't come for a pick. I decided to take an auto and reached office. I did not feel like working, somehow I managed, but the feeling was still. 

A friend asked me, "if I want a lift as there's no cab today??" I said yes and we left for home in the evening. On our way; after few kilometers, I felt something. We realized that the breaks are not working properly and I thought if only I had little more time, there's so much I wanna do. 

I don't wanna die, not so soon. I have heard people say how it feels to have a death-like experience but trust me its much more scary than one can imagine. Somehow we survived as the speed was normal. Just minor injuries. I reached home and kissed my mom and told her I love her. That moment taught me the importance of life.

 I realized how important people are to me, there's so much in my mind I want to share and how lucky I am to be alive :)

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