No Nadal, No Fun!!!

June 28, 2009

Today when Nadal announced his absence from Wimbledon 2009, the only question that came to my mind was can Wimbledon cope without Nadal? That's a million dollar question this year!!! I mean, one can easily imagine the the moment when Fed Ex shows up at Wimbledon without Rafa. 

When Rafa stated "I have played with some problems in my knees for a few month but I always felt I'd try and try. You don't know what your limit is... but I have now reached the limit. I was making an effort to play week after week, but I have Oedema- one in each knee and now I am going to be out and I don't know for how long!!!" 

 One could easily see the pain and his helplessness!!! This year, that promised a lot for Rafa when he defeated Fed to win Australian Open in January has lost all the hopes to wounded knees. Today, at a conference, Rafa told tennis world the news that is hard to bear. Wimbledon without number one is like, the sky left only with stars and no moon!!! 

 Now it does not matter who will win Wimbledon this year. It's like, without Nadal, the wind escaped completely from Wimbledon balloon!!!

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