Dream Interpretations # 1

June 30, 2009

"There is a psychological technique which makes it possible to interpret dreams, and if that procedure is employed, every dream reveals itself as a psychical structure which has a meaning and which can be inserted at an assignable point in the mental activities of waking life"

- quoted Sigmund Freud once.

Dreams have been a mystery to us since Adam first breathed life but dreams have always fascinated mankind. We can learn much from our dreams, if we only but listen with a trained ear.

Some of the common dreams with interpretations:

  • Dream about Automobiles or vehicles :
Vehicles that we ride in usually reflect two things; the direction we are heading in life, and our body. The condition of the vehicle might give you an idea of your health. Driving an old beat up car down a muddy road on a stormy night would be considered a pretty bad dream! However flying a jet through a beautiful n clean blue sky would be a rather good dream.

  • Children

A dream about a child represents something new, different and joyous. A child represents a new phase in life or a new project. How well the child gets along and fares in the dream is an indication as to how well what it represents is doing.
  • Clothing

A dream about clothing best symbolizes our mood or state of mind. They also signify attitude. Attitudes and moods are similar to clothing in this regard, they are the camouflage we hide behind, our face we put on for the world in various situations so we can better cope. Take a look at what you, or other people in your dream are wearing to get even more clues to the dream's meaning. If the clothes are in bad condition, it means that a negative trait of your personality is affecting your social circle.

  • People
People most often portrayed in dreams are actually reflections of your own personality traits. These traits are ones that you need to enhance or develop, or if negative, work on eliminating or reducing. Then look for those traits in yourself. You may be very surprised to find a match up! People in dreams work most commonly to reflect, or mirror important aspects of your personality.

To be continued...

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