Say YES to "NO"

June 28, 2009

Just few months in office and my colleagues worshiped me as "NO QUEEN" :D. I wonder how so many people have difficulty in saying "NO". 

Here, I do not have any control over saying "NO." At first saying no was limited only to my colleagues but gradually the "No" infestation grew to such an extent that even my Boss(es) started to think twice before asking me to do a certain thing.

Just yesterday my senior came to office at 10:30hrs and contrary to my usual schedule I reached at 10:00hrs and was working from then itself when I decided to take a break, the feeling of which was induced due to an inte(rest)ing conversation going on behind between the two of my colleagues. 

As I stood up and turned around I saw my senior coming towards us, he stared at us for two seconds and asked, "What are you people doing? Chatting in the morning? Nobody answered! 

Then he turned towards me- Don't you have any work? and I said "NO" sir and the rest of the words did not come out of my throat because of the sudden freezing of vocal cords. And, after that I became the "NO Queen". Last heard my management is thinking of having me in the negotiation team for takeover details.

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