Invisible Bonds!!!

July 23, 2009

(I wrote it When I was 12yrs)

One day I was shouting
n blaming god for everything,

I said i don't believe in you
for me you are nothing...

I sat with some tears thinking that no one cares
I closed my eyes and get surprised
as god was with me there...

God looked at me with a warm smile
and I was silent for that while

he hold my hands and show his view

said, " I am here for helping you"!!!

He sat with me and asked with cheer

what happened to you oh my dear?

just tell me with an open heart

as I am for you here...

I asked him " Am I dreaming"?
I told what I am feeling
he said- no, this is reality
for you my time is eternity...

I said - I am all alone here

no one loves me, and no one care

I want a shoulder to cry on
I need some love that I can share ...

He said "you are so beautiful",
so charming and so true

though there were times you did something

you know you should not do...
But you have been forgiven and
at last you are free

I know how much you love this world 
how much you care for me...

I know you are surprised why I came here for you
you want to ask some questions
may be want to argue...

I said everyone pray to you
they do so much of care
you never went to bless them all just came to bless me here ...

He said that people pray to me but no one does much care you are someone who loves me most
so I came for you here...
I thanked him for his company,
his blessings and his love -
just two seconds and blink of eye
he vanished far above...

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